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My Internet is slow -- can I have access to the video files?

Absolutely! I store the files on Google Drive and am happy to give you access to courses you have purchased or levels within the membership. E-mail carly@busymomsdopiano.com to request access.

Ugh....there is SO much to print. Can I order the books instead?

If you don’t want to mess with your printer, you can order the books from a third party printer, The Book Patch. CLICK HERE for the list of materials available for purchase from this third party printer.

Can I upgrade my monthly membership to an annual or lifetime membership?

Yes you can! E-mail carly@busymomsdopiano.com to upgrade your account. Any weeks/months remaining on your current membership will be refunded to you in the event of a membership upgrade.

How do I change my payment information or cancel my subscription?

To change your credit card information or cancel your account, e-mail customersupport@busymomsdopiano.com

Cancellation requests may take up to 5 business days to process. If your subscription is renewed after your request and before we have processed the cancellation, rest assured that the charge will be refunded to you.